As David Bowie says…..”Ch-Ch-Changes!”

As David Bowie says…..”Ch-Ch-Changes!”

And for those of you that are too young and looking at your screen saying, “Who’s David Bowie?” please take a moment to listen to greatness here.  Okay, enough about David Bowie…..the point was CHANGES!  We are going to be having a lot of them around here!

CHANGE # 1:      We are now specializing in primarily high school senior portraits.  Whoohooo!  Although I love all types of portrait photography I have found that I have a true passion for photographing high school girls.  And this past spring we were beyond excited yet overwhelmed with the amount of senior clients we received!  Which is why we are implementing the next change…..

CHANGE #2:        We are now limiting the amount of sessions we book.  (And although I constantly say “we” I really mean “I” because I am a one-woman operation.)  Each of my sessions involve a consultation, a 2-3 hour session, editing and more editing, a viewing/ordering session, and lots of designing albums, announcements and more.  Which I have equated to around 20-30 hours per client and recently I was taking on 3-4 clients a week which means I was working 75-100 hours/week.  NOT fun!  Although I LOVE my job more than anything in the world I have realized that I need time for myself, my husband, my family and my friends.  Also with more time I will be able to make sure I’m providing each client with the very BEST service which is always my goal.  So……..from this point forward I will only be taking 6-8 sessions a month.  Many people waited until the last minute to book sessions this Spring and I was already booked.  Now more than ever, be sure to call or email ahead of time to make sure you get one of our spots!

We will still take on some family and newborn sessions throughout the year however they will be very limited.  For holiday family portraits we will have 2 days dedicated to mini sessions in the fall.

CHANGE #3:        We have hours!  LOL  Yes, when working from home it’s hard to dedicate business hours but it’s time you guys know when we will be available for meetings, sessions and return phone calls and emails.

CHANGE #4:          We have some super awesome new products available!  I’m always striving to find the very best for my clients and here are just a few things we’ve added.

Albums – Our new albums are full-grain, natural leather bound and lay flat with your choice of around 30 images.

Keep the large album for yourself and add on these two small matching 4×4 leather brag books for the grandparents.

Our new image boxes are custom designed and include your choice of 25 5×7 prints.  It’s the perfect keepsake box for those tassels, grad cards, and a copy of your announcement to look back at for years to come.

CHANGE #5:    Did you notice the new logo above?  Yes, we’ve had several different ones and that’s because we are just so darn indecisive!  But, now that we are specializing in senior portraits we decided a face lift to a more modern style was necessary.  Our facelift also includes an AMAZING new website that will be live soon!  You will love it!  We’re talking fashion ideas, love notes from clients, and a featured senior session.  :)  We’ll announce when it is live but until then here is a little sneak peek!

Okay, okay.  I think we’ve overwhelmed you enough as it is for the day!  If you have any questions about the changes we are making feel free to contact us!