Custom Photography | Putting a value on it | Allen, TX Photographer

Custom Photography | Putting a value on it | Allen, TX Photographer

What is value?

Value: The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance or preciousness of something.

With the digital era now there are so many photographers out there and with so many choices it makes it hard to decide on who to use.  What’s worse is that you can find someone for as little as $50 all the way up to someone who charges $5,000.  What the heck?

In the past few years I have discovered that even though there are a ton of choices out there; really it’s about finding the one that fits your value.

I am totally a sucker for makeup and I want the best of the best when it comes to it.  I recently bought an eyeliner for (yikes, I can’t believe I’m admitting this) $40.  An eyeliner!  But why when I could get one for $7 at a local grocery store?  Because I’d rather go to a department store, try on several different ones, get advice from the makeup artist at the counter, have the water she offers me and spend $40 for a fantastic eyeliner (it really is amazing btw) than to buy 5 different crappy $7 ones to try out at home and end up not really loving any of them.  And I LOVE this eyeliner.  I love how it’s easy to use, how it glides on without having to apply it 20 times, and how it’s so bold.  I value that $40 eyeliner because to me I got a quality product from an expert in the business and I enjoyed my experience in purchasing it.

However, I’m not a huge designer purse person.  Love purses but have never understood why some people are willing to pay hundreds (or worse, thousands) of dollars on them when they can go to Target and get one that’s just as cute for $30.  But that’s because I put no value on brand name purses.  I may not but I respect that they do.

Professional photographs are treated the same way.  Some people feel that the $100 photographer that includes a disc is perfectly fine for them.  Sure it’s just their hobby, they just bought their camera a year ago, they don’t have a professional web page, they don’t offer any products, and when the pictures are printed they come out a little red BUT the value is not there for the client to care as much.  However, other people might say hey, I feel better having that full-time photographer with 6 years experience, a professional website & blog, treats me like I’m a VIP, and provides specialty products and custom printed images that come out perfect.  And guess what?  They think paying $1,000 for that photographer and their prints is perfect and maybe even a steal because they value it.

Everyone is different and every photographer has to start somewhere.  This is why I think there truly is someone out there for everyone.  You just have to find the one that you value the most.

Like I said…..every photographer has to start somewhere.  Several years ago I was the hobbyist photographer with a so-so camera and my prints actually came out yellow and not red.  :)

One of my first newborn pictures is still very near and dear to my heart but now I’m even able to handle two!

My first try at photographing a senior almost 6 years ago and one of my latest beauties showing school spirit.  Can you tell the difference in quality?

Yep that little cutie on the left was photographed a few years ago when I didn’t have a clue about photoshop.  There she is on the right with her baby sister just a year ago.

Because this is what I love and I want to run a successful business, I have spent thousands of dollars in photography equipment, gone to workshops to learn, invested in different products in order to find the best, built a studio inside my home, and practiced, practiced, practiced!  And I’ll continue to do so to make sure I am always providing the very best for my clients because when it comes to photographs I cherish them and want the best myself.  :)