My baby bro is getting married! | Dallas, TX Engagement Photographer

My baby bro is getting married! | Dallas, TX Engagement Photographer

No, it’s not often I do or post engagement pictures but this engagement session was super special.  See, not only is he my little brother but SHE is a girl I used to babysit when she was little.  They have one of those stories that’s straight out of a novel or movie.  One we all wish we had to tell when people ask, “So how did you meet?”

Corbin and Shannon went to elementary school together and one day my brother came home and told my mom he saw the prettiest girl at school.  From then on they were inseparable.  Our families became close and for 3 years I babysat that spunky little girl that used to tell me to punch her butt to see how muscular it was.  Yes, her and my brother were a perfect fit….even as kids.  Soon Shannon and her family moved to another state and the once adorable little “boyfriend/girlfriend” were separated.  Times changed and our families lost touch.  Around 5 years ago Shannon found me on Facebook and asked for Corbin’s phone number.  She was in college playing soccer for Marquette and Corbin was here working in graphic design.  They spent the next couple of years talking on the phone and flying to see one another until Shannon graduated and made her way down here for them to finally be together again. The rest is history!

The surprise proposal occurred on Christmas Day and included both families all together. Here’s a look at the awesome video my brother put together with just a tad help from me with photography and my other brother who wrote the music for it.  Warning:  You may tear up!

Just babies…..

Makeup by:  Donna Cooper