Patagonia Part I

Patagonia Part I

I know you probably feel as though I have abandoned you! I’m sorry! The last couple of weeks have consisted of being sick and out of town….luckily not at the same time.

Anyways…I am here and FINALLY have my Patagonia vacation pictures uploaded. I figured I’d start off with showing you two of my favorite parts of the trip! Part II will give you some of the funny stories we encountered…..and we encountered quite a few! :)

So I know we’ve all watched Bear Grylls at least once on Man vs. Wild and if you’re like me you loved it when he said “Glass-ia”. Well that’s exactly what I referred it to when I got to see one up close! Was it cold? Yes! But absolutely amazing! This is Perito Moreno…one of the largest glaciers in Patagonia.

Ahhh….I didn’t realize I would love kayaking so much! Now, I know many people do it in an ocean but that’s where I draw the line! I never have gotten over my fear of sharks (thanks Jaws!). But seriously….it was so peaceful and beautiful in this lake in Bariloche. I could have stayed out there and done it all day! We were lucky enough to also have a photographer on another kayak taking pictures as part of the tour. Oh how I could have his job!

So there you have my two favorite moments of the trip however there’s more to come! Stay tuned for Part II of our trip with photos from our hike up to see Fitz Roy! :)