As a self taught photographer I made a lot of mistakes which made for a very long journey to make it in this business. Now having learned from them all I enjoy reaching out and speaking at events as well as working with photographers one-on-one to share these experiences and hopefully make the journey to their dreams a shorter and less painful one.

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This 8 hour day in our studio office will be filled with anything that YOU want to discuss! Choose from topics like Marketing, Business, Workflow, Sales and Editing. We'll go in depth on how to make these work specifically for you. We'll also have a 90 minute hands on shoot with a styled senior model to learn Posing, Lighting and Getting it Right in Camera all while building up your portfolio. (lunch included)



Don’t have the time for a full day but still want the hands-on experience? Our 4 hour half day may just be the perfect fit. It includes a 45 minute shoot with a styled senior model to build your portfolio while learning Posing, Lighting as well as Getting it Right in Camera. The remaining time we’ll spend going over whatever topics you’d like to discuss in depth.



Can’t get away but got a list of questions you’d love the answers to? Sign up for our hourly Skype Sessions where we can chat and answer anything you’ve been pondering.​

$150/hour (2 hour minimum)

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