We Are Family | Allen, Tx Photographer

We Are Family | Allen, Tx Photographer

We are a dysfunctional family in more ways than one! My siblings and I have said for years that we need to draw out a web diagram to explain our family. It’s no joke! Each of us have actually done it before! However, I can’t imagine having anything else and even though we may have a lot of steps and halves in the mix you wouldn’t know it at all! We are extremely close and I am so thankful for that! With spending so much time together for the holidays it’s really made me step back and take a look at how lucky I am. And I do believe I am sooooo lucky! We are a family with lots of divisions however amazingly we are one…..and that makes me happy.

This is why I love my family……….

My mom. Independent. Driven. Crafty. Bakes. Sentimental. Loving. Shoe Obsession.

My dad. Adopted Me. Smart Alec. Funny. Athletic. Attorney. Color Blind. Intelligent.

My stepmom. OCD. Funny. Shopaholic. Athletic. Giving. Worrier.

My brothers.
Jordan (left) – Siblings by Marriage. Musician. Funny. Sports Lover. Laid Back. Best Friend.
Corbin (right) – Same Mother. Artistic. Philosophical. Goofy. Music Lover. Passionate. Best Friend.

My sister. Cailey – Same Mother. Dry Humor. Beautiful. Brainiac. Ambitious. Fun. Uggs. Best Friend.

And that’s not all!!
I recently got to see some of my other siblings and family that I don’t get to see as much.
My sisters.
Larissa (left) – Same Biological Father. Military. Worldly. Protective. Beautiful. Dry Humor.
Lacey (right) – Same Biological Father. Sports Lover. Animal Lover. Outgoing. Beautiful. Funny.

Here is a picture from Christmas of my sisters and I with my biological father, my brother Levi, and my grandmother. I don’t know them as well since I don’t see them much but it was good to catch up and get some hugs in.

Like I said……it’s dysfunctional but it’s mine and I love it! Love you all!