So as some or all of you may know about a year ago my husband and I decided to make a huge leap and buy a piece of property that would help both his and my business. He owns a landscaping company and for years has had to rent out space for his equipment, trucks and a separate office. Constant driving between the 2 places plus home was driving him crazy and not to mention the added expenses. The search began with him wanting just a commercial property of his own and turned into a search for a residential property where we could live and work. Let me just say….here in Dallas that’s not always easy to find. One of the many properties we looked at though was perfect 3 acres, gated and divided into 2 (residential and commercial). A separate 3 car garage with a 2 bedroom apartment above it on the commercial side and a ranch house on the residential side. However….this place had been abandoned for over 2 years and it was trashed.  And although the previous owners had made several “upgrades” their style and layout was just not what we wanted so the entire house needed to be gutted and redone. This was a HUGE project and we weren’t sure we wanted to dive into it but with little luck finding anything else that could work we pulled the trigger.

Now after a year of wondering what we got ourselves into we finally finished most of it up and made the move. Here is the beginning of our many Before and After pictures from what we like to call – our money pit. 🙂

Here’s the entry and dining area before. Like I said….trashed.

Remodel Entry Before

Entry and dining area after. I’m still in the process of decorating and hoping to get rid of some of our hand-me-down furniture and be all grown up and buy our very own. My light fixtures in here are my favorite though. I got the dining room one from Ballard Designs and am obsessed with it!

Entry and Dining Room RemodelIt used to be a sunken living/dining area and we raised the floors to be all one level. Behind that awful rock fireplace was brick and with a quick white painting job and a mantle made to match our floors I was in love!

Living Room Remodel BeforeLiving Room Remodel AfterLIVING Remodel AfterHere’s probably the one room that is fully decorated at this time….the new master bedroom. If you can’t tell I love color! I have splashes of it everywhere and it just plain makes me happy. Excuse the wrinkly bedspread…it just came out of the dryer that it was too big for. 😉

BED-1Bedroom RemodelAnd for one of our biggest projects of the house remodel……..our master bath. This and the kitchen were my toughest choices because we were completely changing the layout of it all and being the one to have to sit and design it yourself was no easy task. The original bath and tons of walls making it feel closed off. It also had the toilet smack in the middle and open which was not my fave.

Master Bath RemodelBATH-2Master Bath Remodel 2

I decided to forego the bathtub (I’m not a big bath taker) in order to have a nice sit-down vanity where I could do my hair and makeup. We also wanted to make sure we had a private toilet area and a huge shower. Because I was nervous about getting rid of the bathtub my husband said we should just deck the shower out to where I wouldn’t even miss having one. So we ended up getting 2 shower heads, a rain head, a handheld and made it a steam shower. I had to stop him at LED lights….no joke. lol

Master Bath Remodel 3Master Bath Remodel 4

This is probably one of my favorite things I found on pinterest and added to my vanity. There’s a plug in the back so that they are just ready to use and I don’t have them sitting all over the counter.  LOVE

Vanity Hair Drawer

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our money pit project with our kitchen remodel!


Our Money Pit Project | Part 1

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