Let me first take you back to 2013 when my husband drove me up to a 3 acre property with a 3,400 square foot house and a detached garage with an apartment. Sounds beautiful, right? Nope. This place had been abandoned for several years, doors were bashed in, crap was left everywhere, the garage was falling down, wiring was ripped from the ceilings…..a disaster. I’m pretty sure I walked right back out of that place and didn’t give it a second thought. No, no, no….I was not ready to spend the next year remodeling an entire property out in the middle no where. After weeks of debating, he finally convinced me of the potential for our businesses. He owns a landscaping company called College Fund Landscaping and needed space for his trucks and equipment and he wanted me to have a space outside of the house for meeting clients. A dream of mine, yes but not one I wanted to do a complete gut remodel AND move!! Fast forward 5 years and I’m glad we did it!

I always wanted my own photography studio office even if I didn’t have space for indoor shoots, I just wanted to have a place where my clients could come and I didn’t have to lock my dogs up, make sure dishes weren’t piled in my sink, and make my husband go to the bedroom to watch tv. It’s perfect. So let’s start the tour already!

Here is the detached garage apartment where both our offices are located. I happened to find a picture of the outside (none of the inside) from it’s original state. I’m sure you can imagine what in looked like inside by seeing this. So bad. I still want to get some cute little wooden shutters on there eventually.


As you go through the green door you walk up a flight of steps to the top where you’re actually greeted by another door into the studio. When I took pictures I thought about vacuuming up the grass around the welcome mat but then realized it always has grass on it because of my husband. lol So might as well stay true to the look.


Immediately to your left when you walk in is a bathroom and a full kitchen. Thank goodness for Ikea when it came to remodeling that. Kitchens can be so expensive and I didn’t want to make it super fancy (mind you we had an entire 3400 square foot house to still remodel. Towards the back are 2 bedrooms turned offices for my husband and his assistant. I recently got the boot back to officing out of the house which honestly I love. I don’t have to worry what I look like and the pups are always next to me as I work.


My beautiful dresser was once my late grandmother’s. My cousin had it for a bit and painted it red. I then got it and of course….painted it pink. After my last remodel I decided it needed a more modern update to go with our more modern style. So I got Chalked paint by Rustoleum in Charcoal. It only took one coat with no primer! It was amazing!


Just a few little details…..pug not included.


So there it is. My little photography studio office. I love it so much. Now I just need to convince my husband he needs to build me a natural light studio space out here! Wish me luck!


Studio Office Tour // Allen, TX Senior Photographer

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